Saudi-Japanese relations are ‘very special’ – Christmas Flowers japan

7 Dec

Birthday memorial GazetteIn Saudi Japanese emperor, who turns 78 on Dec. 23, the Japanese community in America, celebrated their national holiday on Tuesday. Saudi Gazette met with the Consul General of Japan in Jeddah, Jun Yoshida, to discuss the king’s birthday, and Saudi Arabia and Japan, the economic and cultural relations.

Q: What can you say about the king’s birthday, and what it means that the days of Japan in the world?

A: Our national holiday commemorating the birthday of Emperor Akihito is our leader as a symbol for all Japanese. You may wonder why I chose to celebrate the December 6, instead of the King’s birthday, which is December 23. In the King’s birthday is very close to christmas flowers japan blogs and New Year, when many people, including Japanese expatriates abroad, which – all Japanese around the world – has decided to change the model at an earlier date for many people can take part in this occasion. National Day to express our love for our country and our beloved king.

Q: Can you tell us about your experience as a representative of his country in the Middle East?

A: I started a diplomatic career in 1973 when he was appointed consul general in Cairo three years – at the heart of Arab culture and Arab symbol of spring today. I spent three years learning Arabic there. Then I turned to my country and after he was sent to Sudan. As for the Gulf region, Saudi Arabia is my first post in this area christmas flowers japan blogs .
Q: What has been found that the Arab culture and traditions of Japan have in common?

A: There are many things in common between the two cultures.One of the most remarkable things that appear in the Arabic and Japanese culture, we try both to preserve and protect our cultural traditions and signs. Although Arabs and Japanese are very open to Western civilization and its adaptation, while they do not want the risk of abandoning their traditional norms and cultural heritage. Another custom is the mutual cultural respect to both Japanese and non-Arabs – Search for the elderly. I have too much respect, the Saudis and other Gulf to maintain their customs and national codes such as the use of the thobe and abayas. In Japan, we use our traditional look to a certain extent, except on special occasions thobe.
Q: What is the relationship between Japan and Saudi Arabia?

A: The history of these bonds back to the 20. After several exchanges between the two countries represented in the delegations of business, we have established formal diplomatic relations in 1955, after the kingdom was founded in 1932. United now play a leading role in the world as a member of the G-20.Japan has cooperated with the Kingdom in many areas. For example, Japan is considered the largest importer in the UK and ranks fourth as an exporter to England. In terms of Japanese investment, which ranked third in investment in Saudi Arabia after the U.S. and the UAE. In the field of cultural exchange, I can give you an example. Japan was invited to participate in the festival Janadriyah Riad 26 in April last year as an official guest. Many Japanese companies have joined the party.

Q: What is special about the relationship between the two countries?

A: The powerful earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March horrible, King Abdullah, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, ordered the supply of gas and other petroleum products to help generous people in Japan. The assistance of Saudi Arabia in Japan included 60 000 butane gas cartridges and portable gas burners 10000. The Saudi government initiative that is building a very deep relations between our countries. __


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