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Christmas Flowers Japan – Ikebana Arranging Japanese Flower

21 Dec

Keban Japanese flower arranging is an art. It is also sometimes called “Kado” or “The Way of the flowers.”

Since childhood my learning Ikebana wife Satomi informal her mother, a teacher license Ikenobo style, and continues to take classes with their teacher in Fukui, Japan.


This traditional art is a way to display send flowers japan and decorations floral arrangement similar to the West. However, it is unique and different as follows:


Unlike Western floral arrangements, color emphasis, volume, open flowers, floral Japanese as a lack of color, empty space, and other plant parts such as stems and leaves.

Beauty must be expressed with a minimum number of flowers. In other words, must be “sufficient” but not “too”. An example of a “minimalist” approach:

Representations of nature:

This art form serene aims to provide equality in the room.Therefore, the seasonal use of materials, different kinds of plants and parts of plants and flowers in an array. Ikebana past experience as a mountain to climb and use the materials collected from the mountain to represent the fact that the landscape of your room. It is an art that reflects the link between nature, people, and creativity.

Serenity to avoid the symmetry:

Western flower arrangements tend to have the same face from different angles, but focuses on Japanese flower usually in front of a face. This is because the Ikebana is traditionally represented in a niche above, called tokonoma, or at the main entrance.

Personally, I think it’s partly due to the limited size of Japanese homes, so there is more room to display vases in places where people can see it from all directions.

However, because of the restrictions and will focus face, ikebana has developed ways to demonstrate the depth of lines, shapes and space, perspective drawings or similar 3D effects.


Kado comes with Buddhism and Shinto animism, and having a flower is a way to enjoy nature and connect the past, present and future. For example, in a traditional style of ikebana, the leaves of some are already past (our ancestors), now (we) and future (our children) and are arranged in a circle representing the circle of life and death. These spiritual symbols that are inherent in the nature of impermanence and beauty remind us how precious our time here.

The importance of flower boxes and tools christmas flowers japan blogs:

Unlike Western floral arrangements to fill the tank for several hours different flowers and plants, containing flower show is a very important part of this art. Our agreement is based on choosing a suitable container for the material of the flowers used and the display.

Have the right tools for Ikebana is an important aspect of art.Precision instruments Ikebana style was gradually perfected hundreds of years, not cheap down correction tools. Find authentic ceramic vessels and tools outside of Japan is very difficult because manufacturers are not traditional Japanese techniques and communication skills to sell on the international market.

Serene Gardens is a store that sells only high quality tools made in Japan by experts. I visit several manufacturers and traditional hand-pick the best artwork and tools, then import them directly into their store in the United States. Take a look at your store ( for a variety of high quality products at hand. They have a lot of ikebana and bonsai tools in the classroom store, if you are interested in real life and durable, affordable tools and other supplies for the organization of the christmas flowers japan .


Christmas in Japan: the Female Perspective – Christmas Flowers japan

14 Dec


Here in America we are used to christmas flowers japan blogs carols, gifts, lights, and spend time with their families. In Europe, the holidays tend to focus more on religion and family. However, in Japan things are taken in a very different, especially for women. You might think that Christmas is celebrated Japanese sushi and kimono alone, surprisingly, is celebrated with much of Western influence and romance. In fact, as they say that Christmas is メリー クリスマス. In English, that says “meh-ree-ree-Soo Ku-mah-soo, a version of Japanese / English Christmas happy.

The most important Christmas is to find someone special to spend with. The Japanese as much as we decorate Christmas trees and lights that come in different colors. Even the shops are full of shoppers buying cakes and gifts perfect occupied. All this may seem funny interesting, but is mainly for couples to enjoy.”Several times during Christmas, the couple everyone to shop and enjoy the atmosphere and when people do not have someone to pass, usually stay home and spend Christmas alone. “Fredrick said Atsuko, a Japanese teacher in ductal carcinoma in situ.” Some of the purposes of obtaining a first boyfriend or girlfriend for Christmas so you should not go it alone, especially girls. ” The pressure is a major influence not only stores and parties, but also modern Japanese pop songs in Japan. Most of them speak of love.

It is rather interesting to see how social norms are christmas flowers japan blogs are different in different cultures, especially as Christmas is rather mundane. It is also interesting to see what Christmas means different kinds in the world, too.

Dentsu Partners with Japan Post to Send Christmas Cards Via Facebook – Christmas Flowers Japan

10 Dec
Advertising giant Dentsu cJapanese (TYO: 4324) has teamed up with Japan Post Service Co. Ltd. to develop a Facebook page / app that allows users to send each other physical cards, greeting cards, not knowing the address actual recipient.

Postman calls and can access the service go to / As expected, the service is free, and prices of books(so you can see), all under 630 yen. There are books for Christmas, New Year, birthdays, weddings and fun designs, likethe Japanese art of ukiyo-e. You can also book your own designusing a photo of your account. Some models can be seen below.After selecting your card and select the recipient who must approve your submission. Next, you specify its meaning (which is not disclosed to the sender), so the card can be sent. Payment will be made by the sender using a credit card, and apart fromthe initial price of books, some fees apply to small cars christmas flowers japan .
Japan is apparently trying to bring some new business with thisinitiative, and their fusion eBay last month. In terms of Dentsu, the company partnered with Facebook in February, and thisapplication was developed with support from the social networkgiant postman christmas flowers japan blogs .

Christmas Flowers japan -Christmas past to present

1 Dec

How to decorate for christmas flowers japan , a custom that combines repetition time honored ritual of pagan and Christian, have you ever thought that the ghosts of Christmas past, and wonder how they celebrate the season? A visit to the Geffrye Museum in Shoreditch, London, to see his last Christmas, Christmas Present appropriate period rooms decorated in its own way over time, will inspire you to put these back into his box of goodies tired and take a fresh look at how your house was decorated when it was first built. And in a trip around your garden green could supply needs.

A walk through the halls of the museum will take you to a room of 1,630 house decorated with memories of our fundamentally pagan origins – mistletoe, holly and ivy, beyond the halls of the 18th century adorned with rosemary and laurel.
The decor was a smaller scale to the crown of laurels in Georgian fixed configuration tailored to frivolities of the Victorian era with the arrival of the christmas flowers japan blogs tree, covered with candles, flags, toys and sweets. Arts and Crafts inspired room celebrates all things Japanese branches and lamps, and drive through the 20th century, hanging cage with a thirty years, with paper chains, lighted artificial tree with electric lights, past a room family in the sixties, plastic ornaments and toys in a loft apartment in the nineties with flower motifs and a minimalist style and brought the whole world.

Obviously, these paintings are historical generalizations. Geographical and social conditions meant that there were large differences between a farmhouse in the countryside and a large house in the city during the same period. Fashion has changed the population of greater detail. Fortunately, Christmas always comes at the right time of year when days are shorter, light levels are lower and we all need to lift our spirits. In the Saturnalia, Winter Solstice, people decorate their houses were to ward off evil spirits that abound in the winter months, and to light their homes with plants that are evergreen and happy.

Doorways, beams and fireplaces were the most obvious beneficiaries of garlands of holly and ivy and branches (single women should have a sprig of holly in their beds – hardly could improve your chances.) Mistletoe kissing balls imbued with miraculous healing powers referred to in North Druid myth, while Ivy was the symbol of Bacchus, the god of wine and frivolity. And they are all freely available in rural areas.
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That the strongest of all images, Dickens’s Christmas, all green and red plaid and pine, with all the picture frames decorated surface and furniture of the stairs and beyond, was a reaction against what held that elegance came before.
My own house, built later, in 1906, is an Edwardian house with a garden dominated by a large spread of oak that was planted from an acorn of the family, first served. So, inspired by the Druids, who revered the oak, my topic this year decorative leaves and acorns of oak used in a wreath celebrating with apple and walnuts – taken from my garden training and garnish with rosemary, laurel and sage in the garden of herbs.
Francine decorations AS
For the crown of herbs: Bundt cake tin examine any container or small plane. Place a large candle in the hole or in the middle and fill with water and crumpled chicken wire. Loss related to small bunches of fresh bay leaves, thyme, rosemary, sage color, eucalyptus, vegetable curry and other herbs. Place in the center of the kitchen table and keep the water fresh and supplemented.
The Crown of Oak: Oak is the last tree to put on their leaves, leaving yet to be fully available. Choose a selection of different colors and place them between sheets of newspaper under the carpet for a week or so. Hot glue gun to a wire frame, available from the florist or providers and add a wire loop for hanging. Wire stuck in a cup of acorn and spraying of copper or gold.
Apple and Nut Garland: Take a piece of florist wire attractive “(see above for suppliers) to suit your home and make a loop at each end Take a small selection of apples – Coxes and crabs maintained. Well -. stems and wire wreaths Add leaves, spikes and bay leaves.
• Geffrye Museum, London E2 8EA, has a program of workshops for the nights of the decor and candlelit open. For information, call 020-visitgeffrye or 7739 9893.
• Francine also Christmas decoration courses for two or more: or e-mail for information.
I wanted to grow evergreens
• apple trees with mistletoe mistletoe implanted in
• Mistletoe available organic apple orchards
• To Hollies unusual, consult a specialist nursery Holly Welch
• For the widest range of ivy,