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Christmas in Japan: the Female Perspective – Christmas Flowers japan

14 Dec


Here in America we are used to christmas flowers japan blogs carols, gifts, lights, and spend time with their families. In Europe, the holidays tend to focus more on religion and family. However, in Japan things are taken in a very different, especially for women. You might think that Christmas is celebrated Japanese sushi and kimono alone, surprisingly, is celebrated with much of Western influence and romance. In fact, as they say that Christmas is メリー クリスマス. In English, that says “meh-ree-ree-Soo Ku-mah-soo, a version of Japanese / English Christmas happy.

The most important Christmas is to find someone special to spend with. The Japanese as much as we decorate Christmas trees and lights that come in different colors. Even the shops are full of shoppers buying cakes and gifts perfect occupied. All this may seem funny interesting, but is mainly for couples to enjoy.”Several times during Christmas, the couple everyone to shop and enjoy the atmosphere and when people do not have someone to pass, usually stay home and spend Christmas alone. “Fredrick said Atsuko, a Japanese teacher in ductal carcinoma in situ.” Some of the purposes of obtaining a first boyfriend or girlfriend for Christmas so you should not go it alone, especially girls. ” The pressure is a major influence not only stores and parties, but also modern Japanese pop songs in Japan. Most of them speak of love.

It is rather interesting to see how social norms are christmas flowers japan blogs are different in different cultures, especially as Christmas is rather mundane. It is also interesting to see what Christmas means different kinds in the world, too.