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Christmas around the world: Students tell of home nations’ traditions – Christmas Flowers Japan

13 Dec


With christmas flowers japan fast approaching, students are eager to celebrate Christmas according to their cultural and religious traditions. BYU-Hawaii to look at the students, said Christmas is celebrated in the country. In Peru, Christmas is celebrated at midnight on the night of December 24th and the morning of December 25. Agurto Marie, a political science, the third year in California who has lived in Peru before his family came to America, he says, “children sleep all day so they can stay up to midnight to celebrate . “The children sleep all day, also expect Santa to visit each house to give presents. At night they lit fireworks.”

Another tradition in Peru is the belief that Christ was born at midnight. Sets of the Nativity of the family, but the baby Jesus figurine Christmas until midnight. Peruvians also eat a kind of bread called panettone, which contains raisins and fruit in various markets. “It’s a great thing,” said Agurto. “Most stores that sell them at christmas flowers japan .”

Although they share many similar traditions with the United States, Australia has some key differences. Tiare Pauli, a rookie from Australia, said: “This summer, the beach is so all those who live near a beach to go to the beach and enjoy a barbecue ..”

Once, while on the beach, Santa Claus comes from the sky with a parachute and landed in the water. Rescuers wearing fake reindeer antlers are racing to save Santa. “Then along the beach throwing sweets to children,” says Paul.

The Australians also have different Christmas carols. While some songs like “Silent Night” Christmas carols and other traditional songs remain the same, like the other “Jingle Bells” have been adapted to better reflect the Australian culture, with lyrics like “Oh, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells , Jingle All the Way. Christmas in Australia on a hot summer day, hey Jingle bells, Jingle Bells, Christmas time is a beauty! Oh, what fun up a rusty Holden Ute. ”

In Uganda, the celebrants go to church and meet their families, but what differs is the type of celebration Uganda and traditional dinner. NiCd Joseph, a senior biology pre-professional in Uganda, said: “People will eat, drink and be crazy lot of people can be seen dancing in the streets..” Uganda to share some Christmas carols with other nations, but also some of their own, the most popular so-called “Sekukulu,” the Lutaaya Philadelphia.

Is known as a food dinner luwombo also eaten. “Many people do not know how,” said North Carolina, “but they do a lot of them and invite people to join them.” Luwombo consists of meat (which is usually smoked or baked ) potatoes, potatoes, bananas, and a mixture of spices and herbs wrapped in banana leaves and cooked.

A special drink made of banana locally known as Ndiza is made in large quantities and placed in a large bowl where friends and family gather to tell their stories of the year success, “while placing straw and drink a bowl .

Those who celebrate Christmas in Japan, do so with a combination of Western and Japanese traditions, according to Masaki Yamanashi. “Japan is based on Buddhist beliefs, generally, if it were normal, they do not celebrate the birth of Christ. But after I linked to the United States and Western countries that have started practicing for Christmas, and Now all everyone knows the season is the birth of Christ. ”

A traditional dessert cake called the vote is mainly sold in this time of year, and is a chocolate cake or a cream or flavored, and it introduced plastic ornaments, which are small figures of Santa Claus, or words written on them.

Sweden has a lot of different traditions in the United States.Traditionally, foods such as yams and sweet, marzipan, eggs, bacon and eaten as the United States. However, other food on the table. A Fish Called surströmming soup served with slices of mandarin and store Santa Claus.

Counting until Christmas, families light a candle every Sunday.Bomgren Camilla, a freshman majoring in exercise science and sport in Sweden, said: “I light a candle every Sunday, and the fourth candle we light on Sunday, Christmas or Christmas closer.Children use .. They also have two hours of arrival or sweet, or that apply to a television that is in the morning for children. ”

Just before Christmas, the family tree of dance and hand around singing songs. On December 9, children dress up as Lucia, a Swedish woman in history who was unjustly sentenced to death for being a witch, or you can dress like Santa Claus and other figures and trains with people singing Christmas carols.

On Christmas Day, a competition is organized to see that Lucy is the year. “In competition, the girls have to play well enough,” said Bomgren. Call across the nation, in a fun little family for all ages, or the number of children in the family. At one point, a member of the family in general, dressed as Santa and give gifts in person, directly to children.