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Christmas Flowers Japan – Ikebana Arranging Japanese Flower

21 Dec

Keban Japanese flower arranging is an art. It is also sometimes called “Kado” or “The Way of the flowers.”

Since childhood my learning Ikebana wife Satomi informal her mother, a teacher license Ikenobo style, and continues to take classes with their teacher in Fukui, Japan.


This traditional art is a way to display send flowers japan and decorations floral arrangement similar to the West. However, it is unique and different as follows:


Unlike Western floral arrangements, color emphasis, volume, open flowers, floral Japanese as a lack of color, empty space, and other plant parts such as stems and leaves.

Beauty must be expressed with a minimum number of flowers. In other words, must be “sufficient” but not “too”. An example of a “minimalist” approach:

Representations of nature:

This art form serene aims to provide equality in the room.Therefore, the seasonal use of materials, different kinds of plants and parts of plants and flowers in an array. Ikebana past experience as a mountain to climb and use the materials collected from the mountain to represent the fact that the landscape of your room. It is an art that reflects the link between nature, people, and creativity.

Serenity to avoid the symmetry:

Western flower arrangements tend to have the same face from different angles, but focuses on Japanese flower usually in front of a face. This is because the Ikebana is traditionally represented in a niche above, called tokonoma, or at the main entrance.

Personally, I think it’s partly due to the limited size of Japanese homes, so there is more room to display vases in places where people can see it from all directions.

However, because of the restrictions and will focus face, ikebana has developed ways to demonstrate the depth of lines, shapes and space, perspective drawings or similar 3D effects.


Kado comes with Buddhism and Shinto animism, and having a flower is a way to enjoy nature and connect the past, present and future. For example, in a traditional style of ikebana, the leaves of some are already past (our ancestors), now (we) and future (our children) and are arranged in a circle representing the circle of life and death. These spiritual symbols that are inherent in the nature of impermanence and beauty remind us how precious our time here.

The importance of flower boxes and tools christmas flowers japan blogs:

Unlike Western floral arrangements to fill the tank for several hours different flowers and plants, containing flower show is a very important part of this art. Our agreement is based on choosing a suitable container for the material of the flowers used and the display.

Have the right tools for Ikebana is an important aspect of art.Precision instruments Ikebana style was gradually perfected hundreds of years, not cheap down correction tools. Find authentic ceramic vessels and tools outside of Japan is very difficult because manufacturers are not traditional Japanese techniques and communication skills to sell on the international market.

Serene Gardens is a store that sells only high quality tools made in Japan by experts. I visit several manufacturers and traditional hand-pick the best artwork and tools, then import them directly into their store in the United States. Take a look at your store (http://www.serene-gardens.com) for a variety of high quality products at hand. They have a lot of ikebana and bonsai tools in the classroom store, if you are interested in real life and durable, affordable tools and other supplies for the organization of the christmas flowers japan .